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I offer a range of services including,

  • An environmentally friendly attitude toward all areas of childcare.
  • a school run to St Luke's school and many of the nurseries in the area.
  • all meals & snacks at no extra charge
  • a healthy balanced diet with as much of the food organic & locally produced as I can source.
  • full cover for school holidays.
  • a range of fun activities relevant to your child's stage of development.
  • a range of activities, clubs & days out.
  • a good understanding of child development & how to get the best from your child.
  • a pro-active approach to potty training whenever the child is ready to start
  • good knowledge & understanding of child nutrition from weaning upwards
  • a safe and relaxed environment
  • I welcome children with special needs.

I use the fantastic Baby's days software package which allows parents to securely view their child's daily notes, photos and progress at a click! And because I was one of their first clients, I've been able to feedback loads of good ideas to help you be as informed as possible about your child's progress.

Just some of the information available

Parents can view any dairies that have been created for their child along with the photos that were uploaded for each day’s diary. Parents can also view their child's complete Progress and Assessment scales including the achievement dates of each Development Matter, the Progress/Observation notes that have been added and all the photographs that have been uploaded to their child's Progress. You can also view & print invoices.

Baby's Days is a fantastic tool and OFSTED clearly loved the way it helps improve the communication between myself and the parents.