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My usual childminding service is available Monday - Friday 7.30am till 6.30pm but I can be flexible.

Standard (between 7.30am and 6.30pm, Mon-Fri) (Min 3hrs) £3.90 per hour
Agreed overtime (before 7.30am and after 6.30pm, Mon-Fri) £4.50 per hour
Non-agreed overtime rate/Late Fee £2.00 per 15mins
Before / After School (7.30 - 9am and 3 - 6.30pm) 3 Hours Minimum
Child at Play Group/Pre-School/Activities Normal Fee
Sickness (childminder) 1/2 Fee
Sickness (child/parent) 1/2 Fee
Bank Holidays (Not Worked) No Fee
Childminder's Holiday 1/2 Fee
Parent’s Holiday 1/2 Fee
Special outings Paid by parent
Late Payment Fees (unless by arrangement) £5.00 per day
Returned Cheque Fee Bank Charge

What Is included:

  • All food and drinks (organic where ever possible)
  • Washable nappies
  • All wipes
  • Bedding
  • Local outings

Not Included:

  • Disposible Nappies
  • nappy cream
  • baby formula
  • sun cream

Fees are payable in advance and are due no later than the drop off time on the first contracted care day of each week / month. Late payments, unless by prior arrangement will incur a fee of £5 per day. Repeated late payments may be grounds for termination.

Payment must be made by cheque, BACS, childcare vouchers or in cash. I am happy to join any voucher scheme upon request.

If cheques are returned due to insufficient funds, you will be required to pay all fees that I incur. Childcare services will be halted until full payment of fees (and bank charges) have been made, in cash. A second returned cheque will mean that cash payment only will be accepted from that point onwards.

If your child is dropped off early or collected late without at least 24 hours prior notice a charge of £2.00 per 15 minutes or part thereof will be added on to your next bill, this is to prevent me going over my adult/child ratio.

If I drop off and collect a child from preschool and am the emergency contact for that time I can not take another child within those hours so I charge for those hours used.

If you wish me to drop and collect but you will be available to be the emergency contact/collector and I am not responsible for that child there is no fee during preschool hours. I do however, charge from the time I have to leave my home to get to the preschool.

For school pick-ups I charge from leaving the house, e.g. if school finishes at 3.20 I charge from 3.00, this covers traveling time.

Retainer Fees - If I have a vacancy available which you do not require straight away, this prevents me from offering the place to another child so a retainer fee will be charged. Retainer fees are charged at 50% of the normal fee that would apply but are not a “credit” towards future childminding fees. Retainer fees are non-refundable should you decide not to take up the place. Childcare is available by arrangement during the retainer period with the other 50% becoming due.

Contracts are reviewed six monthly. A settling-in contract is usual for the first four weeks with one week notice for either party, thereafter four weeks notice (or pay in lieu of notice) is required.

Fees will be raised by 10p per hour each year to keep in line with inflation, this will take place every September.