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I have been cooking for young children for many years now & am skilled in providing a diet rich in the many vitamins they need for healthy growth, but appealing to their young taste buds.

I home make all meals, including baby food, ensuring children in my care reach their 5-a-day fruit & veg targets. Fruit is also offered after every meal & as a morning snack. I vary my menus to ensure all children receive different types of protein throughout the week, including plenty of fish & meat.

A major part of my ethos is offering the children in my care a healthy well balanced diet, I try to source as much of my food as possible from organic & local suppliers. Meat is sourced from JW Metricks the award-winning local butcher, where all meat is completely traceable & additive & hormone free.

This is gonna taste great!

I use no salt & as few additives as possible, this extends as far as making my own organic, salt-free chicken stock. I have become expert at hiding vegetables, my 'Shrek' chicken nuggets are always popular & many children don't even realise the Shrek part is pureed spinach!

The children always eat together at the table and I try to eat with them to promote good manners & eating habits. I operate a fully inclusive eating policy, whereby all children are encouraged to eat the same things, & to hold their own cutlery & join in at meal times. Food is not used or withheld as a punishment, and children are encouraged to eat but not forced to eat. A food diary is kept for each child.

Most cakes, biscuits & sweet treats are homemade, ensuring I can guarantee the content. Home baking is a popular activity, where the children are encouraged to participate as fully as their stage of development allows. Sweets are discouraged (but not banned), with organic dried fruit substituted instead. Organic yogurts are also available.


  • I avoid using nuts & keep all nuts in a sealed jar on a high shelf.
  • My own son suffered from a milk alergy in his early years so ingredients are carefully screened for allergy advice.
  • I am willing to cater for allergy-specific diets
  • I keep a list of ingredients used so developing allergies may be diagnosed

Meal Times:

  • Breakfast will be offered, this will include:- Weetabix, porridge, wholemeal toast & fresh fruit.
  • A snack of fresh fruit is offered mid morning
  • Lunch will be served on return from any pre-school run, & may be hot or cold (Often weather dependant)
  • A snack is offered mid afternoon, this may be fresh fruit or a home baked treat.
  • Dinner is always a hot meal & will be served at around 5.00pm

Drinks offered are water, milk or fruit juice. With water being available throughout the day to all children.

I have included a typical fortnight's Menu below.

Monday Lunch Sandwiches with selection of fillings (organic ham, cheese or tuna mayo), on brown bread, with chopped tomatoes & cucumber on the side.
  Dinner Fruity lamb quinoa
Tuesday Lunch vegetable omelette
  Dinner Wholemeal pitta pizza (made by the children) & garlic dough balls
Wednesday Lunch Soup & bread
  Dinner Fresh fish, mashed potatoes & assorted seasonal vegetables
Thursday Lunch Table picnic including wholemeal sandwiches, cheese chunks, olives & crudites
  Dinner Shrek nuggets, home baked potato wedges & assorted vegetables
Friday Lunch Pitta bread, humous, dips, olives, crudites
  Dinner Teriyaki chicken with stir fried noodles & vegetables.
Monday Lunch Baked potato with various fillings, (tuna mayo, cheese)
  Dinner Mushroom risotto
Tuesday Lunch Lentil Stew
  Dinner Roast chicken with all the trimmings
Wednesday Lunch Roast chicken sandwiches
  Dinner Macaroni & cheese
Thursday Lunch Boiled eggs and toastie soldiers
  Dinner Homemade chicken curry with homemade yogurt nan & brown rice
Friday Lunch Table picnic with sandwiches (brown bread with cheese, tuna or ham), vegetable crudites, olives
  Dinner Moussaka